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Launching a new statutory authority.

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Develop an event concept and supporting communications for the launch of a new government statutory authority, the Victorian Ports Corporation – Melbourne (VicPorts).


CPR worked collaboratively with VicPorts to plan a stakeholder launch that introduced the new organisation to the port and maritime sector. The launch was an important opportunity to inform the sector about the new entity, its operations and vision.

Key government personnel, clients including the new Port of Melbourne operator, internal staff and other stakeholders were engaged as part of the launch. CPR worked with VicPorts to ensure the communications approach and messaging were consistent, establishing the organisation’s identity and educating the community about its work.


The launch successfully marked the inception of the new statutory authority amongst stakeholders, heralding in a new era for port operations in Melbourne. The launch and supporting communications clearly outlined positioning statements and key messages on the role, values and vision of VicPorts, ensuring an effective launch for the new entity.

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