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“In 2017, State Libraries Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria committed to a three-year program of advocacy to raise the profile of public libraries; ensure libraries were seen as vital to community building; and build relationships with key Government stakeholders. CPR was initially awarded the contract to develop the advocacy strategy. What started as a six month contract became a six year strategic and fulfilling relationship.

During this time, CPR skillfully guided Public Libraries Victoria through the process of building relationships with key Government stakeholders, and developing and submitting budget submissions to State Government. CPR’s advice and approach was always practical and honest, and was always aimed at ensuring the best impacts.

For the Library Sector Engagement team at State Library Victoria, working with CPR honed our ability to see potential stories in data and research, and then bring these stories to life. The team’s journalistic ability helped us to make meaningful and impactful digital stories about public libraries as well as shape online and in person advocacy events.”


– Jacqui Horwood, Acting Head, Library Sector Engagement, State Library Victoria

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