Each year RDNS conducts more than 2.7 million home visits, delivering services to more than 55,000 people throughout Australia and New Zealand.

CPR worked with RDNS on the launch of a new national business, RDNS HomeCare, which provides community nursing and personal care services for veterans, war widows and others.

4,500 clients and 600 staff

CPR’s role was to support a seamless transition for 4500 clients and 600 staff joining the new business

Working to RDNS General Manager – Brand and Communications, CPR helped devise change communication strategies for internal and external audiences. CPR’s brief was to ensure that potentially vulnerable clients were supported throughout the transfer with the right information at the right time.

CPR worked closely with RDNS project team to:

  • Identify key audiences and stakeholders
  • Develop key messages for each group
  • Establish a timeline for ongoing communication for each group including personalised letters, a staff roadshow, client visits, telephone calls, newsletters, welcome packs and a website   
  • Develop marketing tools including brochures, branded merchandise and a website
  • Communicate with clients and their families  
  • Draft communications for staff, including recruitment materials
  • Develop an issues mitigation plan
  • Develop a media strategy
  • Prepare information packs for referrer organisations

The transition was successful and RDNS HomeCare is now a leading national provider of community nursing and home care to older Australians, war veterans and widows, people with disabilities and others.

CPR has also provided communication support on two ground-breaking RDNS telehealth projects.

Further information can be found at www.rdns.com.au