Adding to the complication was the determination of the Federal Government to privatise Telstra over a series of tranches from 1997 to 2005. This created a great reticence on the part of the Government to pursue meaningful regulatory reform as it would come at the cost of the return on the sale of the company.

The task for the CCC was to protect competitors from attempts by Telstra to further dilute their rights, while at the same time building momentum for meaningful reform. The strategy to achieve this encompassed all political parties, regulators and the media, and aligning other stakeholders, such as user and consumer groups, behind the message that root and branch reform was the only means by which lasting improvements in the market outcomes could be achieved.

Over time, the momentum for such change developed to the point where the Government presented legislation to the Parliament that would separate Telstra into wholesale and retail businesses, and substantially increase the powers of the competition regulator to manage price, terms and conditions for bottleneck services.

Through our long-standing relationship, CPR has completely virtualised the CCC. We now provide strategy advice, public relations counsel and media, administration and compliance, and lobbying and regulatory support including preparing submissions.